27 October 2009

Multimedia Project - UStream

Natasha and I created an interview to display the use of UStream. The beginning process was relatively simple: we signed up, clicked start broadcast, start recording, recorded, stop recording, stop broadcast. Then we saved the video into the YOUR VIDEOS section. At the bottom was a link to embed. This was where we ran into some trouble. The code wasn't complete and Blogger could not read it. We asked around and finally found some help. A piece of code >/embed was missing, so the program did not know when to stop embedding. So, the recording was easy, embedding not so much. However, this is not indicative of all groups.

UStream is a cool way for students to record presentations, skits or speeches without the added fear of people watching. They can practice until they get it right, and the class still has the opportunity to view the presentation. One note of caution if you decide to use UStream with your students: the site contains age-inappropriate material with seemingly innocent titles, so you will need to teach and emphasize digital citizenship to your students and be ready to defend your decision to parents and administrators. It is an effective tool when used reliably because you don't have to worry about compatibility, students forgetting or not being able to acquire a TV with the right hook-ups, etc.

**It has come to my attention (through a very observant person) that the "hotline" number given is actually 1-555-MATH and NOT 1-800-MATH. I would just like to say, this is one of the not true items in this video. Thank you.

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  1. I thought knowing pi out to 15 or 20 places was what all us mathematicans did --- not 'e', but times are changing. So, Meagan, have you discovered the relationship betwen pi and the golden ratio?

    You two ROCK --- and I'll definitely be sharing this with my nurdy friends.